Harvel pleads not guilty

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Norilina Harvel, the former CFO of Bonner General Health accused of embezzling $220,000, was arraigned in court this morning. She plead not guilty to District Judge Barbara Buchanan. According to the courtroom minutes, a jury trial will begin May 9.

A mug shot of Norilina Harvel taken at the Bonner County Detention Center.

A mug shot of Norilina Harvel taken at the Bonner County Detention Center.

Harvel turned herself in to authorities in October less than a week after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She stands accused of embezzling money from the hospital over several years. Harvel allegedly used a variety of methods to cover her tracks, hiding missing funds under lease and credit card payments. She also is alleged to have set up a bank account she fraudulently claimed was a hospital business account.

As Bonner General Health’s CFO for 10 years and an employee for 15 years, Harvel had already moved on to new employment when authorities began their investigations.

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