Hardwood Heart, May 21, Eichardt’s Pub

If there’s a western Montana sound, Hardwood Heart exemplifies it. The Missoula, Mont.-based three piece whips up a string-dominated amalgam of bluegrass, folk, jazz and Americana that’s about as foot tapping, head bobbing and knee slapping as it gets.

With Josh Clinger on acoustic guitar and vocals; Jed Nussbaum on mandolin and vocals; and Caleb Mattis on upright bass, the band has a busy year despite the pandemic with two new EP’s: The Longer Road, released in January 2020 and Sail My Sins, in September 2020.

We can’t think of a better combo than that down-home Montana sound and a pint or two with friendly folk(s) when Hardwood Heart comes to Eichardt’s. 

— Zach Hagadone

8-11 p.m., FREE. Eichardt’s Pub, 212 Cedar St., 208-263-4005, eichardtspub.com. Listen at hardwoodheart.bandcamp.com.

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