Goose battle rages at City Hall

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The city of Sandpoint’s plan for Canada geese management has escalated into a full-blown controversy. 

Opponents filled the Sandpoint City Council public comment period Wednesday night to push back against the plan, objecting to perceived inhumane elements and suggesting alternatives. 

The controversy centers on a partnership with state and federal government agencies to relocate geese from parks like City Beach, where they are a nuisance for the high volume of fecal matter they produce. Sandpoint Parks and Recreation Director Kim Woodruff told City Council members when the plan was approved early this year that geese would be banded and relocated. He added it was possible that geese who returned to the beach may need to be euthanized for the plan to be effective. 

At the Wednesday meeting, Woodruff assured residents that non-lethal control methods like dog hazing will continue to be utilized at City Beach.

“We’re not just quitting everything else,” he said.

While the majority attending the council meeting opposed the plan, others were in favor. They said the goose poop problem at City Beach was a crisis that needed to be addressed and urged council members to stick to the plan. 

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