Fatty Flurry Fest

For the fifth year, enjoy free fat bike demos, group rides, and fun

By Reader Staff

Have you always wanted to try one of those fat bikes, but you’ve never had the chance yet? Have no fear, the fifth annual Fatty Flurry Fest is here!

Biking enthusiasts of all kinds will have the opportunity to demo fat bikes during the Fatty Flurry Fest Saturday, Jan. 26, at Round Lake State Park. There will be fat bike demos, group rides, hot drinks, refreshments and lots of fun.

In case you’ve been in a cave the last few winters, fat bikes are heavy-duty bikes with 4- to 5-inch wide tires, which allow them to go where most road and mountain bikes can’t. The oversized tires’ extra surface area gives the bike traction on mud, snow, sand and other slippery surfaces, and the inflation can be adjusted to absorb impact from uneven surfaces without overly jostling the rider.

“You can ride one anywhere, over anything,” said Brian Anderson, owner of Greasy Fingers Bikes n’ Repair, which founded the bike demo day. “Fatty Flurry Fest is an opportunity for others to try the bikes.”

Now in its fifth year, Fatty Flurry Fest is a celebration of fat bikes in North Idaho. If you have never tried one and always wanted to, this is your chance for free. And if you already have a fat bike, come and ride some fun trails with fellow bikers. Fat bikes have tires with at least 3.8-inch wide tires. Please do not bring bicycles that do not have 3.8-inch wide tires to the group ride.

Free fat bike demos featuring Salsa Beargreases will be from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (sorry, no kids bikes or riders under 18). A group ride will begin at 1 p.m. Rental bikes are available, but reservations are required.

The staff has been working hard to clear and pack the trails around the park. There will be a variety of different trails and difficulty levels for the group rides.

After the ride, Greasy Fingers will provide hot drinks and refreshments on site to keep you warm. All events will be held at the parking lot and pavilion at Round Lake State Park. A state park pass is required and can be purchased the day of the event.

To reserve a fat bike or for any questions about the event, call (208) 255-4496.

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