Crazy Days hits Sandpoint

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Bargain hunters, get out your pocket books. Downtown Crazy Days is just around the corner.

A Sandpoint tradition for decades, Crazy Days brings out the fun for business owners and local shoppers alike as retailers bust out some of the best bargains of the year. The annual sale gets local business personalities into the open air for sidewalk sales that bring the community together. It all happens Saturday, July 30, in downtown Sandpoint.

Crazy Days is a tradition that goes back as far as some of the community’s most venerable residents. The last Saturday of July has long been a chance for downtown business staffers to show their wilder side, dressing up in costumes or just getting outside for some weekend fun.

For fans of the Panida Theater, Crazy Days is one of the best chances to support a worthy cause. Those who have LPs, movies, CDs or cassettes they no longer need can donate them to the theater anytime between Wednesday and Friday from 1-4 p.m. The donated items from individuals, record stores and radio stations will sell during Crazy Days until 1 p.m., with proceeds funding a scholarship that helps Bonner County students pursue an education in music, theater, film or some other art.

According to Panida Theater director Patricia Walker, volunteers Stephen Garvan and Marcella Nelson have been instrumental in organizing the sale for years, but they could use some help to set up, manage sales and tear down afterward. Email [email protected] to offer your support.

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