County commissioners invited to White House

Invitations thought to be fake, but were confirmed real

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Every Idaho legislator and county commissioner — totaling 237 people — received email invitations to meet with Trump administration officials at the White House, including Bonner County commissioners. 

The email arrived on May 23, according to Commissioner Glen Bailey. He said he initially thought the invitation was spam. 

“At first I thought is was probably a hoax or a phishing email, but we were assured by the Idaho Association of Counties that it was a valid invitation,” Bailey said.

Bailey said he will not be attending the June 22 White House meeting due partly to the short notice, as well as other factors. 

“I toured the White House back in 1988 and enjoyed it, but I have no need to return,” he said. “Although it would be an honor to meet and shake hands with President Trump some day. However, I really doubt that I would have that opportunity on this proposed trip.”

Greg Johnson, chairman of the Lewis County Commission, told the Spokesman-Review that the invitation was very clear that Idaho commissioners and legislators will not be meeting with President Donald Trump on the trip.

The invitations sent to Idaho officials are part of a larger effort by the Trump administration to connect local and federal governments. Politico reports that every county commissioner and legislator in the nation is expected to receive an invitation by the end of this year.

Bonner County Commissioner Dan McDonald confirmed that he also received an invitation, but won’t be attending due to a prior engagement.

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