‘No Spray’ hard deadline June 30

By Reader Staff

Bonner County residents who wish to participate in the county’s No Spray program have until June 30 to obtain and place certified signs on their property. Homemade signs will not be recognized.

Residents must also go into the Bonner County Weeds office to sign a document agreeing to control any state and county listed noxious weeds in the road right-of-way adjacent to their property. If alternative weed control is not performed by July 15, the roadway is subject to being treated with herbicide by the county if a solution with Weeds Manager Chase Youngdahl is not agreed upon.

While May 31 is the suggested deadline, residents can still participate. However, the weed department warns residents that road right-of-way herbicide treatments usually begin in June, so if you haven’t already secured your place in the No Spray program, your area could be sprayed.

Youngdahl would also like to remind residents participating in the program that their county-approved signs must be visible both at the beginning and end of their property. Stapled to a tree off the road is not visible, Youngdahl said. The county suggests placing the signs in clear view of the travel lane.

Call the Bonner County Noxious Weeds office at 208-255-5681 ext. 6 with questions.

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