City selects new administrator

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff
Jennifer StapletonThe city search committee has selected Jennifer Pearson Stapleton as the final candidate for the new city administrator position.

A Montana native, Stapleton brings with her almost 25 years of experience in administration, a BA in political science from Gonzaga University, an MA in public administration from Eastern Washington University and, based on her work history, an expertise in grant writing. She currently works for the city of Spokane as director of grants management and financial assistance and interim director of community, housing and human services.

See more details about her professional background on her LinkedIn profile page.

The City Council’s adoption of the city administrator position was controversial, with some residents balking at the advertised six-figure salary. Supporters argue the position will provide improved management over city departments, increased grant funding and smoother transitions for incoming council members and department heads.

Stapleton won’t be formally approved by the city until a Dec. 16 council vote. The public is invited to meet and question her prior to the 5:30 p.m. council meeting, in the council chambers at City Hall. [CR]

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