City introduces new software to improve financial transparency

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The city of Sandpoint is preparing to introduce new software that will improve public access to its financial activity.

Authorized in the 2018 budget, the Financial Transparency Portal will provide residents improved access to the city’s financial books and data. The software launches on the Sandpoint website this week, and before the year’s end, the public will be able to compare Sandpoint’s performance benchmark data with similar cities. Finally, the software will improve the city’s ability to collect resident feedback on city services. According to Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton, the city staff has done an exceptional job integrating the software into the city website — so much so that the software developers have labeled Sandpoint a one of their key partners across the U.S.

The new portal provides detailed breakdowns of city revenue sources, including funds collected through the 1-percent local option tax. Likewise, residents can find information on the city’s expenses.

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