BOCC appoints Solid Waste Advisory Committee

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Bonner County commissioners approved the appointment of six members to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee on April 23, and term limits for those members were solidified Tuesday.

According to the resolution, the county received six letters of interest from community members looking to join the committee, all six of which were accepted. Serving two-year terms will be Carl K. Wright and Sandi Hampton, and serving three-year terms will be Patrick Reinbold and David Gebhardt. Sherrel Ryhs and Dawn Schatz will serve four-year terms on the committee.

Commissioner Dan McDonald said the purpose of the committee is to get community members involved in how the county manages solid waste issues, specifically “what we’re doing and what we could do better,” he said.

“We’re taking a look at Solid Waste overall,” McDonald said.

The county also recently hired Great West, a third-party waste management practices analyst company, to help draft a 10-year plan for Bonner County Solid Waste. That study is scheduled to conclude this month.

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