CFHS students raise 500 pounds of school supplies for Houston school

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff Writer

Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School teacher KC MacDonald wanted to do something to help after Hurricane Harvey. With the help of students at his own school and others in the district, he decided to raise and send school supplies to a school in need.

“When I started this project, I thought I would only get a couple of boxes, (and) send the stuff by mail and surprise some school,” he said.

Jessup Elementary fourth graders helped get supplies out of the trailer. Photo includes Texas Veterans, Jessup Elementary Principal, school counselor and KC MacDonald. Courtesy photo.

But 500 pounds of school supplies later, his idea had grown into something entirely different. When sending the supplies by mail was no longer an option, a new step in the idea materialized: get together a network of veterans to drive the supplies in a U-Haul from Idaho to Texas.

“It is amazing what people will do to help others,” Mac said. “I am changed forever by the thought that crazy ideas can become a reality.”

MacDonald was in Houston at Jessup Elementary when the school supplies were delivered. He said the compassion he and his students wanted to convey was apparent to Jessup’s students and staff.

“It is not about markers, pencils or paper,” MacDonald said. “They know people from all over the United States care about them and what they went through.”

CFHS’s students received updates as the school supplies made their journey, and MacDonald said the seriousness of their act of kindness was not lost on them.

“I have seen some things from our students that have blown my mind,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald said he hopes to visit Jessup Elementary “from time to time.”

“I invited them all to come visit our little piece of heaven,” he added.

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