Celebration of Laura Bry’s life planned for Sunday

When community activist Laura Bry passed away the weekend after the Fourth of July, she left behind a lot of stunned, saddened people.

Laura Bry

Laura Bry

In the two decades she lived in Bonner County, Bry established herself as an active and enthusiastic volunteer for a number of organizations, including the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force, Community Assistance League, Boy Scouts of America and many more.

Sunday, July 26 at 4 p.m., there will be a potluck celebration of Bry’s life at 5265 Lakeshore Drive in Sagle.

The family of Bry would appreciate an RSVP, which you can send to [email protected]

Attendees are encouraged to say a few words about Laura if they wish.

Donations and flowers can be sent to Irene Kazokas Bry at 313 Pine St.  Sandpoint, Idaho 83864. Or call 208-255-9927 for info.

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