Planning for U of I property future continues

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The city of Sandpoint is beginning to clarify its hopes for the University of Idaho’s North Boyer property following news that the college aims to sell or otherwise dispose of it.

A Sandpoint Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Tuesday primarily focused on identifying priorities for the 77-acre property. Important considerations developed by city staff include uses that benefit parks and recreation, housing, education and jobs and the economy.

Workshop participants then separated into small groups and proceeded to work on the issue among themselves. Most of the workshop groups emphasized parks and recreation as chief among their priorities. Throughout the course of the meeting, the complications of zoning — particularly the property’s close proximity to the airport — were also discussed.

The process will continue with a tour of the University of Idaho property on Sept. 27, followed by more workshops and planning sessions. According to the city’s proposed planning timeline, the second planning workshop will take place Oct. 17, the Sandpoint Planning Commission public hearing will occur Nov. 14, and the City Council public hearing is scheduled for Dec. 6.

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