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It’s not the years in your life…

By Zach Hagadone
Reader Staff

Because it’s Latin, the phrase annus horribilis sounds ancient, but it’s not. In scattered use beginning in the 1980s, it didn’t come to prominence until …

The year in re- and preview

By Zach Hagadone
Reader Staff

Yeesh. Where to begin? First of all, we’re quite aware that making predictions even in less tumultuous times is a fool’s practice. Yet, undaunted, that’s …

Legislative preview:

By Rep. Sage Dixon, R-Ponderay
Special to the Reader

With the advent of COVID-19 the standard thought process that most legislators use when preparing legislation was interrupted by the sudden …

Legislative preview:

By Sen. Jim Woodward, R-Sagle
Special to the Reader

The New Year is nearly upon us, which brings with it another legislative session here in Idaho. The Legislature will convene …

Coming out for the holidays

Sam Luikens
Reader Contributor

The holiday season is usually a time when many families gather together, some turning to the familiar and newly-minted traditions that offer comfort in the dark …


  • Keep Quiet During Show… Dear Editor, I’d like to ask the Festival goers to refrain from all the blah blah blah while the bands are playing. You don’t run your mouth when you’re at the movies, do you? Cool, thanks. Enjoy the music. Terry Owens  Sandpoint
  • Comments on Helsinki… Dear Editor, I was absolutely astounded at a child psychiatrist’s letter regarding Trump in Helsinki, which was obviously a rebuke to the opinion article written by Reader publisher Ben Olson. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Olson’s take on the disgrace and the treason-like actions the President of the United States inflicted ...
  • GOP Took No Action… Dear Editor, The GOP in Congress took no action when the President: Denigrated women on numerous occasions; Called Mexicans “rapists and drug smugglers”; Demeaned a Gold Star family; Mocked a handicapped person; Called American journalists the “enemy of the people”; Spoke of jurists as being “biased” against him; Questioned the professionalism and honor of top-level DOJ officials; Encouraged northern ...
  • Respectful Talk… Dear Editor, It is hard for me to believe that anyone could advocate respectful behavior and praise Donald Trump at the same time, as Foster Cline did in last week’s letter. Laura Phillips Sandpoint
  • Justice is Lacking… Dear Editor, I see that some tiny chain of so-called eating establishments whose nearest franchise is 700 miles away is suing a local food truck because of one public domain word is the same one as in their name.   First off, what snitch or spy ratted on The Twisted Kilt Black ...
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