GOP Took No Action…

Dear Editor,

The GOP in Congress took no action when the President:

Denigrated women on numerous occasions;

Called Mexicans “rapists and drug smugglers”;

Demeaned a Gold Star family;

Mocked a handicapped person;

Called American journalists the “enemy of the people”;

Spoke of jurists as being “biased” against him;

Questioned the professionalism and honor of top-level DOJ officials;

Encouraged northern Europeans to immigrate while closing the borders to Muslims and Hispanics;

Started unnecessary trade wars to the detriment of our farmers and ranchers;

Implemented a ‘zero tolerance’ policy that separated toddlers from their parents;

Attacked our allies — both economically and militarily — to the benefit of our adversaries;

Put forward a Supreme Court nominee who has published opinions that held that no sitting president can be charged with crimes;

Sided with Russian President Putin over the opinion of ALL the U.S. intelligence agencies as to the fact that Russian had meddled in the 2016 elections

Denies that the Russian meddling continues as we approach the 2018 elections;

Violated the Presidential Records Act of 1981(and amended in 2014) by changing the official transcript of the Helsinki press conference;

A day doesn’t go by when some facet of potential criminal behavior of this president or his immediate family doesn’t come out. The evidence is abundant, but still Congress does nothing.

What will the GOP leadership do to get around this obvious dereliction of their oath of office?

My sincerest hope that the Congressional GOP will soon act as Americans rather than Republicans.

This fiasco has gone on for far too long. We need to come together as Americans and fix this mess. 

Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan need to act in the best interests of the American people – not their party. At least Ryan has displayed a hint of conscience by early on choosing not to run again in November. McConnell has none.

Let the political chips fall where they may. The country is worth vastly more than any individual’s party affiliation.

We need to ask our elected representatives why our representatives do nothing while so much is going wrong. Surely officials can’t be afraid of the 35 percent that make up the president’s base?

We, the majority, must also wonder how the president’s sycophants will justify their actions. How will they twist the rationale of “MAGA” when he has consistently worked to widen the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots?”  Please explain.

Gil Beyer

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