Bandwagon: Lucas Brookbank Brown, Aug. 17, Utara Brewing Co.

The connection between Spokane folk artist Lucas Brookbank Brown and his Gibson Songwriter Deluxe is apparent, both audibly and visibly.

In an interview with Spokane-based Dankofish Productions posted to YouTube in 2018, Brown said performing his music is the best way he’s found to communicate how he sees the world.

“It makes me feel alive,” he said. “It makes me feel whole.”

He goes on to play a song titled “Velvet Fingers,” which he dedicates to people he’s lost. As stories unravel in the lyrics, melancholy acoustic picking paints a clearer picture of the memories and convictions he strives to share. The two combine to create something more complex than a guy sitting there with a guitar — he’s a guy with something to say.

— Lyndsie Kiebert

9 p.m.-midnight, $10, 21+. Utara Brewing Company, 214 Pine St., 208-627-5070, Listen at

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