A quiz for locals

Just how local are you?

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

Have you ever known that guy or gal who seems to know everything about North Idaho history? I mean everything.

Give them the name of a bar and the year 1984, and they’ll tell you who was tending bar, regulars’ favorite drinks and the number of times they’d been 86ed for not paying their tab or whizzing on the floor.

The corner of First Avenue and Cedar Street in Sandpoint, looking south. Photo courtesy of Bonner County Historical Society.

Just for fun, I thought I’d offer some questions only the deep down locals will be able to answer. No fair using your smart phone or Googling any of this. It won’t help much anyway, since the internet largely doesn’t care about us here in the wild and wooly Panhandle.

Check your answers at the end. If you got all the answers right, you probably need to get out of town more often. If you didn’t get any right, don’t fret: In 10 or 20 years, people will probably start remembering your name, and someday, maybe, you may just be considered a local.



1. There was a big sign at the Sandpoint Airport that read “Sandpoint” and had a phrase printed beneath it. What did the phrase say?

2. Where did Ivano’s Ristorante first open a restaurant in Sandpoint?

3. What year did Schweitzer Mountain Resort first open?

4. Name five major bands that have played at the Festival at Sandpoint during the 1990s.

5. What elementary school principal also served as an Idaho state representative for District 1 for over seven terms?

6. How many Long Bridges have there been?

7. What was the bar called that used to be in the building where Eichardt’s Pub is currently located?

8. This winter, the streets transitioned back to two-way. What year were they flipped to one-way?

9. What used to occupy the block where the Columbia Bank building is currently located?

10. What member of the LAPD moved to Sandpoint in the 1990s?

11. Where did the Fire Department used to be located in downtown Sandpoint prior to its current location at City Hall on Lake Street?

12. Name the last five mayors of Sandpoint, starting with the current one.

13. What year was the train depot built (the one that’s currently standing)?

14. The Panida Little Theater used to be several bars. Name three of them.

15. Name two businesses that used to be where Baxter’s on Cedar is currently located.

16. What’s the oldest bar currently operating in Sandpoint?

17. What year did the Panida Theater nearly catch fire?

18. What graduating class was the last to graduate from the Sandpoint High School building which is currently the Sandpoint Middle School?

19. Name the chairlifts at Schweitzer that correspond to the current names. Bonus points if you still refer to them by the old names:

Snow Ghost =

Stella =

Basin Express =

Sunnyside =

Musical Chairs =

Check your answers to the right. No peeking until you’ve made it this far! So… just how local are you?



1. “Where quality is a way of life.”

2. The corner of Third Ave. and Lake St., where

Loaf & Ladle is currently located.

3. 1963.

4. Tony Bennett, Emmy Lou Harris, Johnny Cash & June

Carter, B.B. King, Lyle Lovett & His Large Band, The

Temptations, Willie Nelson and Family, Aaron

Neville, The Beach Boys, Alison Krauss & Union

Station, Loretta Lynn, Lou Rawls, The Doobie

Brothers, John Prine, Peter Frampton, Nitty Gritty

Dirt Band, Little Feat, the Pretenders and others.

5. Jim Stoicheff

6. This is the fourth one.

7. The Donkey Jaw (there was a bar called “Locals

Towne Pub” between the two, so you get credit if

that was your answer.)

8. 1979.

9. Haroldís IGA, Sandpoint Cinema and the laundromat.

10. Mark Furhmann

11. The corner of Second Ave. and Main St. (where the Music Conservatory of Sandpoint is located).

12. Shelby Rognstad (2016-present), Carrie Logan

(2014-2016), Marsha Ogilvie (2012-2014),

Gretchen Hellar (2008-2012), Ray Miller (2002-2008)

13. 1916.

14. Kamloopís, Avalanche, Wine Seller

15. Fabulous 50s Cafe, Jalapenos Mexican

Restaurant, Cabin Fever.

16. The Tam O’ Shanter, also known as the

Tervan, which opened in 1937.

17. 1941.

18. Class of 1995.

19. Snow Ghost = Chair 6. Stella = Chair 5. Basin Express = Chair 1. Sunnyside = Chair 4. Musical Chairs = Chair 2.

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