Informative Series…

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to Ben Olson and the rest of the Reader staff for their very informative series on the Redoubt movement. Surprisingly I realize that I actually agree with some of what the Redoubters stand for: keeping government for the people and by the people, and by people I do not mean big corporations.

I also think Redoubters have the right idea of becoming more self-sufficient food-wise: growing as much as we can and trading/sharing locally instead of being dependent on big agri-business that does not work in harmony with nature when they poison the soil and environment with dangerous chemicals. I’m also pleased to learn that the Redoubt movement is not racially motivated, or oriented.

The one thing that I question about the movement is the restrictions Redoubters seem to put on religion. They still need to learn: God is too big to fit into any one religion.

Peace and blessings to all.

Shakura Young

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