We Are Full Spectrum of Humans…

Hi fabulous Reader folks!

In these times where one can either turn on Democrat news media or Republican news media and nothing in between, we, the ever growing post-partisan population (43 percent last time I looked) who are no longer in this “us vs. them” paradigm, have no place to get balanced news. Unless we research like mad on the internet, but most don’t have time for that.

So to be able to pick up the Reader every week and get oh-so-rare real journalism from all perspectives is wonderful.

Christian Rose’s excellent article from Feb. 9th “A Tale of Two Cities in the Age of Trump” was what finally prompted me to write a letter. Did everyone read it? Go read it now! We are a full spectrum of humans in this country and with an honest source of news we can see that we can all prosper and thrive together. Thank you!


Betsy Canfield

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