Small Investment is Critical…

Dear Editor,

The March 14 supplemental school levy election is critical to the well-being of our community. Until the state government steps up to provide adequate funding for public schools, the responsibility falls on us to make sure our children get a good education.

Our daughter is a proud 2016 graduate of Sandpoint High School and benefited from the local tradition of supporting public schools. She now attends college, but we are committed to continuing this tradition for current and future students. If this levy fails, we will relegate our students and teachers to second-class citizens, and undermine the economic vitality of our community. Our school district is full of students with aspirations and well-meaning educators who want the best for them. We cannot fail them.

This replacement levy will fund instructional materials, technology, after school sports and other extracurricular activities, and a third of the district’s staff. If we don’t vote for this levy, class sizes will increase, many hard-working people will lose their jobs, more kids will become couch potatoes – or worse, and our local economy will suffer because skilled workers will look elsewhere to raise a family.

This levy proposal includes a small increase over the existing levy, costing the average Bonner County homeowner 50 cents more per month. Please vote to make this small investment in the critical work of our schools. For financial and other details, visit the school district’s website at

Susan Drumheller and Mike Murray

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