Creative immigration policy…

Dear Editor,

I believe in very strict immigration policies.

I think that all people on the North American continent who are decedents of immigrants that arrived here in the last 350 years should be sent back from whence their ancestors came.

We were not invited to visit or move here from the countries of our origin.  We certainly were not asked to practice genocide on the native peoples and the abundant wildlife that inhabited this land for thousands of years before our arrival.

Perhaps some people worry that a few refugees will do to us what we did to the peoples who were here before us. I find it sad that some people are so easily frightened that they chose to hate people they have never met and be opposed to granting them a place to escape from the horrors that exist in their own countries.

I would be among the people who had to leave, along with most  people I know. Other people who would be sent back to the land of their ancestors’ origin would be the Bonner County Commissioners, the Idaho State Legislators and most members of the United States Government and the vast majority of “Americans”.

We should leave this land to what remains of the original inhabitants and let them decide who should be allowed to share this great land with them.

An exception may be granted for the decendents of involuntary immigrants (i.e.. slaves). Perhaps it would be some small consolation for the sufferings and tribulations their ancestors endured.

There are still many Native Americans living in poverty in this country while we look forward to a Merry Christmas.

Allan Bopp

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