Beyond partisan politics…

Open letter to Mr. Labrador, Mr. Risch, Mr. Crapo,

I am a constituent of yours from North Idaho.

Mr. Trump has fired FBI Director Comey, and today—Friday, May 12—Mr. Trump threatened Mr. Comey with secret tapes. Good. Mr. Trump should release ALL of his secret recordings.

A bipartisan Special Counsel MUST be appointed to look into the Russian hacking into our elections, the contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, and the financial connections between the Trump and Kushner organizations and the Russian leadership.

I want you to know that my friends, neighbors and I wish that this Special Counsel investigation now take precedence over ANY and ALL other issues. No more immigration reform. No more health reform.  No more tax reform. No more gun rights reforms. No more executive actions. A good place to start is the release of all of Mr. Trump’s tax returns. Mr. Trump and his Government has access to our returns, let’s look at his.

This has gone far beyond partisan politics. These questions concern threats to our system of government. Nothing else matters.

Chris Mielke

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