A choice in candidates…

Dear Editor,

Four years ago, Mo Dunkel ran for mayor of Sandpoint. He lost the election, but not his opportunity to participate in City government. He has NOT participated. He has NOT joined a City committee (choices include: Planning & Zoning, Arts, Parks & Rec, Pedestrian & Bicycle, Tree, and Historical). He has attended perhaps two City Council meetings, of about 350 since that election.

Shelby Rognstad is running for mayor of Sandpoint. Since the previous mayoral election, he has continued on City Council, and was elected President by his fellow councilors. He has been deeply involved, spending many hundreds of hours involved in most aspects of City government. Because it runs smoothly, we tend to take police and fire protection for granted, use safe drinking water and flush toilets, use roadways with all their signs and markings, and enjoy our well-kept parks.

Who do you think would do a better job running this complex service organization?

Steve Lockwood

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