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A first look at Sandpoint’s latest businesses

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Editor’s Note: New businesses are springing up all over Sandpoint this summer, and here at the Reader, we’re making an effort to introduce them to the community. Are you a new business owner in the greater Sandpoint area? Contact Cameron Rasmusson at [email protected] to be included in future articles.

Shakapaw Pet Market

Shakapaw Pet Market. Photo by Cameron Rasmusson.

Everyone wants the best for their pets, and that’s exactly what they get at Shakapaw Pet Market

Located in the former Petal Talk building at 120 Cedar St., the new pet shop is to pets as a candy store is to kids. Your favorite furry friend will be in heaven eyeballing all the chews, jerkies, toys and food options in stock.

“Who doesn’t like to give their dog snacks?” asked owner Jennifer Ferguson.

Ferguson knows a thing or two about providing dogs with a high-quality diet. A professional with experience in breeding and showing rat terriers in competition, she knows that a healthy, nutrient-rich diet of high-quality, all-natural ingredients is important to keeping a pet happy and healthy. While she prefers a raw diet for her animals, she keeps tabs on all varieties of pet food and only stocks brands across a variety of price ranges that maintain high product standards.

“What I have is a selection of foods from companies I’ve researched, and I know they’re reputable,” she said.

Thanks to her research, she knows when a brand is purchased by a massive corporation and consequently changes their formula to cut costs. Certain brands she stocks even have a code customers can scan to know exactly where the ingredients were sourced and how they were prepared for Fido’s consumption.

That healthy sheen shows in Ferguson’s own rat terrier, Indi, who will often greet customers when they enter the store. Her terriers come from a long line of competition champs, some of whom have even performed in Westminster. Her knowledge will help guide customers toward the diet right for their pet and their pocketbook.

She’s also delighted to be a new member of the downtown Sandpoint business community. The availability of the 120 Cedar building was a big motivator in her decision to open up shop.

“It became available, and I knew I had to go for it,” she said.

The Burger Dock

The Burger Dock. Photo by Cameron Rasmusson.

One thing is for sure: The Burger Dock is aptly named.

Positioned near Bridge Street on 116 N. First Ave., the restaurant is convenient to the Sand Creek docks and can even run burgers out to waiting boats in the summertime. The Burger Dock is an evolution of the Old Tin Can food trailer, and as fans of that mobile restaurant can confirm, expect one hell of a great burger. OK, maybe that’s two things for sure.

What’s the secret to The Burger Dock? According to owner Savannah Clark, it’s locally-sourced ingredients and a lack of shortcuts in preparing the food. The meat is straight from Woods Processing, the organic buns are from Montana and the milkshakes use real hard ice cream. From the moment the order is placed, the Burger Dock crew takes every step to ensure diners have a juicy, succulent burger ready for them.

“I love to see that excitement people have when they realize it’s the same food from the trailer,” Clark said.

While the Old Tin Can was popular as a food wagon, Clark said the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar establishment was too good to pass up. With the switch came a new name and a new identity, but don’t think that locals will miss the convenience of the mobile restaurant. Rebranded under the new name, the Burger Dock trailer is ready to haul up Schweitzer or to other special events as needed. It’s the best of both worlds, Clark said.

“I think it’s every food truck’s dream to become a brick and mortar,” she added.

Tawni Sullivan Cosmetics

Tawni Sullivan Cosmetics. Photo by Cameron Rasmusson.

The future is looking bright for the Cedar Street Bridge, and that extends to one of its newest businesses, Tawni Sullivan Cosmetics.

Started by Douglas and Tawni Sullivan, the business is a new start for the couple after a personal tragedy. In that respect, it’s a perfect next chapter in their lives. According to Tawni, there’s nothing better than seeing a customer leave happy after a great appointment.

“I enjoy building relationships with my clients,” she said. “It feels great to be helping people.”

One of the business specialties is permanent makeup. Think of it as a semi-permanent tattoo — it usually fades after a year, but until then, it saves entire steps in the makeup process. Permanent makeup can be applied to everything from eyebrows to lip lining and more, and it saves time and money otherwise spent on cosmetics. According to the Sullivans, the process of applying permanent makeup is comfortable since it only affects the outer layer of the skin, and the business can also handle corrections or removal.

The services don’t stop there. Also on offer is professional makeup, lash extensions, digital microblading for eyebrows and more. It’s the perfect stop for beautification, whether it be for a special occasion or simply to treat oneself.

“I usually try to excuse myself (when clients stop by) because they do the girl talk thing,” said Douglas. “It’s like a barber shop for women.”

The Sullivans are excited to be starting their new business in the Cedar Street Bridge just as the summer begins to ramp up. With the Cedar Street Bridge full for the first time in years, it could be the beginning of a new era for downtown Sandpoint retailers.

“We want to turn this into something bigger,” said Douglas.

Tawni Sullivan Cosmetics is located in suite 210B at Cedar Street Bridge. Contact the business at (208) 304-8052.

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