The Straight Poop: Salon DeMars

By Drake the Dog
Reader Columnist

Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Since the Missus has fur that is obscuring her vision, I’m taking my most beloved human to the new location of Salon DeMars for a new do. The Mister is taking her on a playdate soon, and she wants to look sharp. 

We fetch an awesome parking spot right next to the Cedar Street Bridge, and up the stairs we go to shakapaw with Rachel Binderup, owner, and take a bow-wow-stylist of Salon DeMars. She has granted her closest members of the puparazzi (us) a sneak peek experience of the salon which will be opening on or about March 1. 

As a child, Rachel always wanted to be a hairstylist. To live her dream, she ventured to England in 1998 on a whim. She became an intern at Vidal Sassoon in Manchester, England. Her job included sweeping hair off the floor, learning from stylists and taking classes. After a year she came back to Seattle, attended The Greenwood Academy of Hair and graduated in 2000.  She landed a stylist position at Vain Salon in Seattle and built a client base. Ten years later, the salon opened a satellite store in Ballard. She got the entrepreneurial bug (of which there are no pet meds for) and became self-employed for six years at The Tart Salon in Ballard.  

As with most Seattleites, she got sick of the big city. Rachel and her handsome man friend, Cory (you know him as the silver fox beer tender at MickDuff’s Beer Hall), moved to Sandpoint in 2013. She worked at a few shops in Sandpoint, and served clients at home.  One day she realized that the salon in her doghouse just didn’t work and she needed more exposure. So she fetched a small space downtown with one chair and moved the whole shebang. Ruff, ruff: Salon DeMars was born. What’s in a name? DeMars is her Mom’s maiden name, and she pays homage to her mom daily.

Rachel specializes in lady’s cuts. However, she has her handful of die-hard guys. She defines her style as “Vidal Sassoon meets Edward Scissorhands — very precise texturized cuts, so it is easy for the client to maintain daily.” She prides herself on giving the client a cut they can style at home and look like they just came from the salon. So, think pawsitive, humans: You will leave the salon feeling extra special. Best of all, you will look and feel fab every day.  Rachel’s clients do not have to mess with those big pink foam night-time curlers or spend time futzing with big blowouts in the morning.  Yep, it’s true.  The Missus puts very little effort into her ‘do’ in the morning. No bed head, just easy breezy hair!

Why did Salon DeMars move to second floor of the Cedar Street Bridge? Because the new spacious digs have beautiful light, a great view and the Bridge is now Sandpoint’s most vibrant happening dog-friendly place. (Be sure to check out all of the new shops!) Just look for the anchor on the door and the nautical retro gal inside. I asked her what does the anchor and the salon have in common. She said, “I’m anchored here, and I don’t have any desire to go back to the big city.” As a foodie, on occasion, she does let her hair down in Spokane when she eats her way through her favorite restaurants.

If you’re going to Salon DeMars, be sure to check out the Moroccan Oil and AG Products. Rachel specializes in colors of all varieties and NO PERMS! Clients and their furry guests are able to lap up water during their salon experience. However, the complimentary white wine, coffee, tea and sparkling waters are reserved for the humans while they rid themselves of their bad hair day.  

Rachel is dog mom to a girl named Bob, a 7-year-old poodle pug rescue dog, who might be there to give you a paws up on your new do. They have collaborated together on the shop rules, so if you’re coming in with your human to let your hair down, we are absolutely welcome, here as long as we stick to the rules: 

1. Leashes required 

2. Well-behaved pups only

3. Do your biz outside

4. Bring your own water bowl

5. Bone up on your tricks for a treat

Salon DeMars, Cedar Street Bridge, 334 N. First Ave., Ste 204A (second floor).  Text/call 206-412-5938

By appointment (text/call) and walk ins are welcome. Instagram: Rachel_does_my_hair. Facebook: Salon DeMars.

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