Tapping Into Genius

By Suzen Fiskin

Reader Columnist

What do Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein have in common? Of course they were geniuses in their fields. However, I’m going to go with a more obscure answer: They were all power nappers. What does napping have to do with high achievement, you may wonder? I’m so glad you asked!

I’ve always been fascinated with brains and how to get the most from them. To every purpose, there is a brainwave. In the Beta frequency, a person is awake and alert with a brain wave cycle of 14 to 28 cycles per second. Think every-day life. Alpha (7-14 cps) is a state of deep relaxation where daydreams and many meditators live. Think about watching the first robin of spring hop along your railing while imagining kayaking in the warmth of the sun. (ahhh . . .) Next on our way down is the Theta brain wave state (4-7 cps), which creates deeper relaxation as the mind begins to tap into the unconscious, as in a light dream state or under hypnosis. The lowest and slowest are Delta waves that vibrate between 0-4 cps and are the state of deep sleep.

I’ve been a meditator since I was 18. I’ve explored yoga meditations, Transcendental meditation, mentally run a spectrum of sounds and colors through my body, counterculture commodity induced meditations and more.

I’ve even got a light/sound machine which meditates me! I put on a pair of goggles that flashes colored lights in time with the music I listen to while the wearing headphones. I choose what wave(s) I want my brain to vibrate at and my little machine sends an audio signal a bit above that ideal frequency to my left ear and a signal a bit below that frequency to my right. My brain fills in the blank and tunes into the ideal state of mind I’m after. There is also music available with these tones embedded called “Hemi-sync.” Voila, instant meditation!

I’m a true believer in power naps. So was Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and John Kennedy as well as Charlie Rose, Arianna Huffington and Margaret Thatcher. Comedian Carrie Snow said, “No day is so bad that it can’t be fixed with a nap!” If you’re an Abraham Hicks fan, he suggests that if you’re having a rough day, a nap will reset your vibrational frequency. Nice!

There are times in my life when sleep is very scarce and precious. These are the times when naps become absolutely essential. In twenty to thirty minutes, I can go from too tired to think to zooming with new ideas and energy. I often get my best creative ideas when I meditate or nap.

So what does this twilight sleep state have to do with Edison, Dali and Einstein? They were all well-known nappers who each developed techniques for taking breaks that allowed them to go into a Theta state but no further. It is a very creative state of mind, and they all had their own unique vision of the world.

Edison, rumor has it, used to hold ball bearings while resting his hands over a metal pail. As he drifted off from twilight to sleep, the clunk of the metal ball hitting the pail would wake him up when his dreamy state got too deep. Dali did micro naps for a few seconds while holding a key that would hit his hard surfaced floor. Da Vinci took 15 minute naps every four hours to keep his mind fresh.

What do these people have in common? They knew that when their minds calmed down and silent enough, they could begin to tap into the place where all knowledge and information exists. Those of a spiritual bent call Oneness, and those of a more scientific orientation refer to as The Field.

Need some inspiration, creativity and genius in your life? Consider making meditation and/or power napping a regular practice. By getting yourself used to being in a Theta brain wave state, you can tap into the vast stores of knowledge and information available to us all. It’s all about tapping into The Field.

It’s SPRING and everything is beginning to buzz with life. You, too, can be tuned in, tapped in and turned on. Go for it!

Suzen Fiskin is a happiness coach, multi-media marketing maven, and inspirational speaker. She’s also the author of the book, Playboy Mansion Memoirs. If you have any questions or comments, email her at: [email protected]

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