Quest introduces new aircraft

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Quest Aircraft’s new Kodiak II airplane is set to make its public debut at the National Business Aviation Association Convention and Exhibition between Oct. 16-18.

With 10 of the new aircraft already delivered to private buyers, the Kodiak II aims to continue the success of its predecessor. The 10-seat plane was originally designed for humanitarian work but has gone on to serve a role in float operations, special missions, medevac, skydive and more.

“This year has been a momentous year for the team at Quest,” said Rob Wells, CEO of Quest Aircraft, in a press release. “We’ve celebrated a decade of continual improvements to the Kodiak platform, culminating with the announcement Series II model. We’ve completed a nationwide Series II demo tour, and as a result have witnessed a dramatic increase in worldwide demand and overall brand awareness. One of our original Kodiaks just surpassed 5,000 hours recently, another milestone for the company, while Quest also delivered the 250thKodiak early in 2018. Heading into NBAA, we’re looking forward to celebrating these accomplishments and debuting the Series II to our customers and peers.”

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