Open fires banned in North Idaho

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Fire season continues to impact everyone’s summer, but this week, even in-town residents felt the burn.

There’s the smoke that still permeates the air, sure. But the city also took action on the extreme danger, prohibiting open fires within city limits. Barbecues are the most residents can manage if they’re looking for a little open-flame outdoor recreation.

Of special concern is the Little Sand Creek Watershed, one of the city’s most important water sources and the subject of routine timber sales and maintenance to reduce the threat of wildfire. Nevertheless, city officials report that on July 24, Sandpoint, Sagle and Schweitzer firefighters battled a human-caused fire within the watershed.

That wasn’t the only way the fire danger interfered with local plans. Fires in Essex, Mont., led to railroad closures in the state, which in turn suspended Amtrak service earlier this week in Sandpoint. The transportation agency arranged bus transportation to work around the closed sections of rail.

If you have any questions about fire prohibitions, call Selkirk Fire, Rescue and EMS Department at 263-3502 or 263-3533. [CR]

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