Long Bridge repairs making good progress

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

A $2.2 million Long Bridge repair project is making progress toward an expected completion early this fall.

According to Idaho Transportation Department resident engineer John Perfect, the construction crews are working hard despite occasionally hot weather and heavy bridge traffic. The work has resulted in slower traffic across the bridge as motorists navigate through orange cones and reduced lane widths.

“It’s always a challenge anytime we have to do anything with the Long Bridge,” said Perfect.

The repairs to both the vehicle and pedestrian bridges began after the Fourth of July and is funded through the gas tax passed last year, which raised the tax rate by 7 cents. Perfect said work is focused on repairing the submerged piers. An epoxy overlay is being applied to the bridge surface, which will improve vehicle traction. Finally, the pedestrian bridge is receiving targeted repairs to structures that support the beams and girders.

The repairs have necessitated slowed traffic and delays, which Perfect said is impossible to avoid for any bridge surface work. However, the project has proceeded safely despite the heavy summer bridge traffic.

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