Local music, dance talent share the stage

POAC, Suzuki String Academy and Allegro Dance Studio present This Winter Night at the Panida Theater

By Zach Hagadone
Reader Staff

Three local arts groups are better than one, as evidenced by the return of This Winter Night — a production of dance and music brought to the community by the Pend Oreille Arts Council, Suzuki String Academy and Allegro Dance Studio.

This Winter Night will grace the Panida Theater with two matinees and an evening performance Saturday, Jan. 29 and Sunday, Jan. 30. According to a POAC media release, the show — which is part of the nonprofit’s annual Performing Arts Series — blends the talents of local musicians and dancers to create an elaborately costumed “Mozart-meets-Coldplay” music and dance experience.

Local ballerina Katherine Mellander and violinist Jacinta Howard. Photo by Kate Foster.

“We are thrilled to present a celebration of our community’s considerable artistic talent,” said POAC Executive Director Tone Lund. “Join us for a magical evening of music, dance and art. This is a very special opportunity to ‘dress up to come to the ballet’ in your own hometown.”

Both Saturday and Sunday will offer 2 p.m. matinee performances, while Saturday night’s gala performance will begin at 7 p.m.

All performances include a pre-show reception in the Panida Little Theater, decorated as a festive Winter Wonderland featuring a hot chocolate bar, art gallery display and raffle including a hand-painted violin by local artist Lisa V. Maus. Raffle funds will go toward scholarships for local students. Young concertgoers will also have the opportunity to meet and pose for a photo with ballerinas from the show.

Tickets to the Saturday gala performance also include complimentary wine and small dessert bites provided by City Beach Organics and Trinity at City Beach.

Suzuki String Director Ruth Klinginsmith and Allegro Director Paige MacDonald named classically trained violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling as a main point of inspiration for “This Winter Night.” Klinginsmith noted that the show includes a piece by Stirling performed by violin student Jacinta Howard. 

“Her upbeat and energetic music has inspired many young musicians and dancers,” Klinginsmith said of Stirling. “I love that there is a variety of music genres being represented at this event.”

MacDonald described This Winter Night as a “whimsical and interactive” production.

“It’s a gift from us to the community showing them how talented their kids truly are,” she added.

Klinginsmith called the production a “great way to showcase our local students, to have them work toward something and polish something and have it at this level to share with others.”

“We started this production to highlight local talent and give students the opportunity to be a part of a larger production,” she added, noting that the added benefit of raising funds to go toward student scholarships. “It is a unique experience for this community for musicians to play alongside live dancers and dancers to be able to dance with live music.”

Suzuki String Academy musicians featured in This Winter Night include Bianca d’Avila Do Prado, Scott Boekenoogen, Jacinta Howard, Mallory Pierce, Even Schwenk, Marianne Wall and Klinginsmith. 

Local dancers from Allegro Dance Studio include Riley Beck, Sophia Binnal, Angel Blackmore, Kate Blackmore, Stella Brown, Taylor Burrows, Lilian Giles, Lucy Giles, Lillian Grant, Ada Greve, Nora Kendall, Sawyer Klind, Kiana Klinginsmith, Xadrian Knepper, Abbey Lambrecht, Jared MacDonald, Moira MacDonald, Paige MacDonald, Tayla MacDonald, Chika Orton, Maisie Rose, Asah Shackleford, Charlotte Solly, Willow Solly, Caelin Varcoe, Lila Wassif and Solana Zmuda. 

“Dress up and bring the whole family for a magical Winter Night experience,” Klinginsmith said.

Tickets to This Winter Night are available at the POAC Office (110 Main Street, Suite 101), online at artinsandpoint.org, or by phone by calling 208-263-6139. Matinee tickets are $35, while the Saturday evening gala tickets cost $45. All proceeds will benefit Suzuki String Academy, Allegro Dance Studio and the Pend Oreille Arts Council.

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