Who Chooses The Bullies…?

Dear Editor,

The Reader and Ben have made a pledge to identify and brand a bully when they see one. Just after the 2016 elections Ben called out President elect Trump as a bully and explained why. I agree with Ben regarding President Trump, he uses the bully pulpit to the extreme and should chill out a bit. It isn’t befitting of the office, those elected by the people should be held to a higher standard and keep a civil tongue. Sadly that isn’t happening.

With that being said, should representative Maxine Waters be labeled a bully because of what she spews from her lips these days? Encouraging people to get in the face of anyone who supports Trump or that supports someone that Maxine doesn’t like. Using her bully pulpit to denigrate those that disagree with her? 

I’ve seen Maxine Waters operate like this since the ‘70s. She makes most right wing people look like choirboys. She is the most racist public official that I’ve ever known.  She is nothing but an ABW (angry black woman) that has done little or nothing for those she represents.  She spews hatred toward white people where ever she goes and has since she was a member of the California Assembly in the 1970s. This is a lifetime mission for her.

I’m a regular Reader reader and I notice that most of your criticism is of Republicans and those in the Republican party. There are a lot of bullies, bigots and racists out there, some of them are Democrats. 

I hope I have elevated the conversation.

Bill Litsinger

[email protected]

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