Dear Editor,

After thinking about the primary outcome for awhile now I think I’ve figured it out. I know why Scotchman Peak failed. The answer is comprised of two parts: 1) Less than 48 percent of the registered voters showed up at the polls; and, 2) The usual suspects were among that 48 percent.

The “usual suspects” mean the far-right wing of the GOP. They took the Commissioners’ specious argument that a wilderness designation would deny them access to the area. It was pure crap but those voters bought it.

Putting this measure on the primary ballot all but guaranteed its failure simply based on history and statistics. 

Registered voters are less than 48 percent of the age-eligible residents, and if 60 percent of the registered voters vote GOP they have a lock on everything. We are being controlled by less than 35 percent of the voting age-eligible population.

So, it all falls on the non-registered voting age eligible population. They are responsible for this situation. Don’t tell me your vote doesn’t matter. It only doesn’t matter if you don’t participate. You can’t win PowerBall if you don’t buy a ticket. If you want change you must register, become informed and vote in November!

Gil Beyer

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