Vote Yes for Schools…

Dear Editor,

It seems that this levy has become a personal issue- where certain people are being accused of having a personal agenda in building new schools in our district.

I agree—this levy is personal—it is personal for every family who sends their students to our deteriorating buildings each day.

What this levy is about is peace of mind. It is about parents dropping their kids at Washington, Northside, or Sandpoint Middle School and not having to worry that the pipes will burst or the roof will cave in while their children are receiving an education.

It is about ensuring that, during the cold winter months, the heating units are updated enough that parents donít have to arrange for childcare while those broken units are taking days or weeks to be replaced.

LPOSD is not asking for anything fancy here- LPOSD is asking support to play catch up with an overdue, outdated inheritance of buildings that have been patched together for way too long.

Join me in supporting this honest, transparent, and student-first effort to make our buildings a safe place for students to learn in. These children are OUR future, after all.

Kelli Knowles

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