To Commissioners…

Dear Editor,

In response to Commissioner McDonald and Director Ollerton:

It’s time I and the citizens of Bonner County exercise our First Amendment rights.

I have been trying for two years to urge these two public servants and the prosecuting attorney to “do their job,” which is: “to protect and stabilize land values,” “protect or maintain a quality environment for the citizens of Bonner County,” “promote health, safety and general welfare of the people” and other language found in county publications.

Case to the point: In early 2016 I filed a legitimate claim of Title 12 violations (county compliance officer and asst. prosecutor verbally concurred). After one year of trying to get a status report, and writing to the state attorney general for assistance, I received a response from the prosecuting attorney, which reads in part: “Such action could easily be seen as discrimitory in nature.”

Mr. Prosecutor, your job is to “uphold the legal process” (language found in state documents concerning lawyers).

After finding another Title 12 violation, a Title 7 violation, a building location permit whereby the individual completed 90 percent of a structure while under a stop work order and has 107 listings in the court repository, my complaints regarding the additional violations have been met with silence from the county’s public servants.

Black’s Law dictionary defines nonfeasance as (in part): “Nonperformances of some act which ought to be performed, omission to perform a duty at all, or total neglect of duty.”

Gentlemen, fearing discrimination is NOT your job. Silenncing citizens is NOT your job. Writing letters to the editor to disparage citizens is NOT your job.

To Mr. Lockwood and the editor, I find it humiliating that our public servants would have to use this medium to make personal attacks on citizens regarding public issues.

Mr. Ollerton, in response to your comment: “The world (and Bonner County) belongs to those who show up.” We shall.

William Krause

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