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Dear Editor,

In response to Steve Lockwood’s comments Jan. 23, 2018…“Bonner County zoning codes are up for changes <WITH> the usual opportunities for citizen input. Industrial plants are <NOT> being permitted in many county zones.” Since 2008, there have been more than a dozen amendments making more than 60 text changes to the Bonner County Zoning Ordinance. The process requires a public hearing with the Planning Commission and with the Board of County Commissioners. The proposed changes are noticed in the newspaper and are sent to all taxing districts at least 15 days prior to the public hearing. Additionally, the Planning Commission holds workshop discussing the proposed changes and the public is always welcome to attend.

These proposed changes are available at the Planning Department page on the County website under current projects, File AM161-18. This project is not being rammed through. As part of the above stated public process, there was a request to allow for more time to review and provide comment on the proposed changes.

It appears this is another attempt to insight fear and mislead the public. The point is taken that if you live in the County you should participate in the public process. The famous quote that “the world belongs to those who show up” is real. Changes to ordinances and plans are often made because of one person’s comments. You do have a voice and you should participate. Take the time to read the proposals on your own, form your own opinion and show up – write a letter, or email, make a phone call or come and meet with the Planning Department or even better, come to a public meeting. Take the opportunity to participate. It really is you who makes the process transparent.

Milton Ollerton
Bonner County Planning Director

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