Regarding Oprah Winfrey for President…

Dear Editor,

Ben, I am writing with regard to your “Barb” last week in the Reader.  First, let me make myself clear. I am NOT advocating Oprah run for President of the United States. However, I believe you need to think this through before making such a strong statement against her running based on the fact that she is a celebrity who is rich and famous.

There have been many Presidents and Vice Presidents who were, in my opinion, less qualified than Oprah. As far as I know there is no school which educates an individual to become President of the United States.

The true facts are that Oprah came from poverty. She rose above that. She had two strikes against her in this patriarchal society. She was a woman and she was black. She pulled herself up, educated herself, worked diligently and built an empire using her intellect. Should she ever determine that she might run for President, I would have to take a serious look at her.

She is smart. She is goal driven. She understands many of the problems that this nation is facing and has faced for many years. Who is to say that she hasn’t studied international relations? Who is to say, she wouldn’t understand trade agreements, Medicare or social issues? I am concerned there is a bias here which you did not recognize. Hope this helps.

Marlene Petersen

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