Our Lake is at Stake…

Dear Editor,

I wrote the following letter to our Congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. (Sen Crapo, Sen Risch, Rep Labrador). They need to hear from us soon, please write.

Dear Sir:

I just read that the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act includes a provision to exclude hard rock mineral mining from the NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act) process.

I live next to Lake Pend Oreille in Bonner County. Hecla’s proposed Rock Creek copper-silver mine sits upstream from Lake Pend Oreille. For years I have worked to protect the water quality of the lake from the pollution that would be dumped into the main tributary to the lake from the mine. The NEPA process is crucial to keep our water clean. Since the mine is in Montana, yet Idaho will have to deal with the pollution, federal regulation is essential.

I urge you to vote against Representative Amodei’s rider, and work towards a sensible bill that does not imperil our children’s future by reckless disregard to established law.

Jean Gerth

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