McDonald is the Best Choice…

Dear Editor,

Boredom is not a reason to run for office. And neither is gender. But a willingness to serve your fellow citizens, dedication to the demands of the position and a commitment to excellence and honesty are. Also required is an unyielding understanding that “the best government is that which governs least.” In his first term in office, Dan McDonald has displayed all of these characteristics and then some.

As others have noted, in his first term Dan saved taxpayers millions of dollars without a reduction in services, fostered a positive work environment between the commissioners and county employees and implemented a system of self-insurance that’s resulted in significant premium savings and an increased responsibility for risk-management among county employees. And just as importantly, Dan understands that the top-down, dictatorial approach to governing that his opponent proposes is toxic, and that his bottom-up approach that respects and carefully considers the needs of the governed first and foremost affords the best results.

Dan isn’t running out of a personal need to quell restlessness or on politically correct identity politics that have so polluted our nation. Just as with his first campaign, he’s running on efficiency, transparency and respect for the Bonner County taxpayers, whom he regards and reveres as his employers. He’s kept his word and promises to continue those commitments in his second term. Please vote for Dan on May 15.

Jenn Carter

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