Hope For Positive Change…

Dear Editor

Residents of Bonner and Boundary counties will see positive change in our state legislature by electing Stephen Howlett in the Nov. 8 election.

Howlett, who has lived in Bonners Ferry for more than 35 years, worked in the wood products industry and has been a small business owner, as a building and remodeling contractor. No stranger to public service, he has been a volunteer EMT for the Boundary County Volunteer Ambulance Assn. for 18 years.

Howlett will work to increase school funding deficiencies in our communities and throughout the state, as well as solve infrastructure problems with public buildings, bridges and highways. He will work to solve the Medicaid gap in our state by using available federal funds to permit 78,000 uninsured working Idahoans and their families to have medical insurance.

Steve will work to protect our public lands for hunting, fishing and use by all our citizens. He opposes a bill supported by his opponent prohibiting local governments from raising the minimum wage. And he believes our veterans and senior citizens deserve to have more of their issues given top consideration.  Mental health issues also need to be addressed at a state level, he feels.

He supports economic advancement in our counties and investment in education to prepare students for new jobs. He is a uniter, not a divider, and will represent all of us.

Vote for Stephen F. Howlett for State Representative, District 1, Position  B, in the election on Nov. 8.

Jim Ramsey


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