Honor, duty, country…

Dear Editor,

Honor – Duty – Country, these are words were the foundation of John McCain’s life. Where can these three words find a place in the today’s America? Certainly they will not be among the leadership of the Senate, the House of Representatives or the White House. Nor will they find a prominent place in most state houses, county offices or city halls.

Our nation is much poorer with John McCain no longer among us. He was called the “Conscience of the Senate.” I would call him the Conscience of America. Who will take his place? Surely not any of the president’s sycophants currently serving in the Senate or House. They have shown that they have no concept of honor, duty or country.

Lest you think McCain was a saint let me assure you that was not true. I seldom agreed with him. What I support and applaud is his dedication to getting this unwieldy, contentious democracy to “work.” He sought compromise on solving the nations’ problems. He understood the need to move in small steps to accomplish what would be best of the country. 

As retired Navy I salute him, as an American I honor him. Senator, you surely will be missed.

Gil Beyer ETC USN retired

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