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Dear Editor

It’s time we elect a state representative who will work for everyone in Bonner and Boundary counties. That is why I am voting for Mike Boeck for state representative. For too long I have seen contentious politics get in the way of real solutions for the people of this area.

The extreme views of Heather Scott, our current state representative, has alienated people even in her own party making it difficult to get anything done. Her many outrageous comments and behaviors have resulted in getting her thrown off state committees for periods of time and resulted in contentious fights. This is a waste of valuable time. In addition, she seems to harvest supporters who often show up at forums to do nothing more than harass and disrespect anyone who has a different point of view. This is nothing more than bullying behavior meant to intimidate and silence others.

Please join me and vote for Mike Boeck on May 15. Mike will work on finding solutions for transportation, education, jobs and the conservation of our natural resources. Mike Boeck is someone who will listen, bring people together and work to find common ground and common sense solutions to our complex issues.

Dawn Brinker

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