Dear Leftists…

Dear leftists who read the Reader,

I’m writing this before Agent Orange announces the Supreme Court nominee, so I ask: How many of you will ask yourselves, “Maybe the court is too powerful?” Instead of getting triggered at whoever he picks. 

As we all know, it’s impossible for you to be happy. There is no one who Trump realistically could pick that likely a majority of the nation would like because their gang is not in power. Right-wingers: If Crooked Hillary were picking, you’d be in the exact same spot, and you know it. Just because Cheeto boy gets to pick this time doesn’t excuse anyone who buys into the false dichotomy from this principle: If you are happy no matter what your party does and angry no matter what the opposing party does, this necessarily implies the position has too much power. We must realize the brutal charade the state dances before our eyes if we want to solve the problems of society. Remember, it’s not right versus left, it’s liberty versus tyranny, and you don’t have to look very hard to see the government is tyrannizing us. 

We just celebrated Fourth of July where the founding fathers left England over a three-percent tea tax. Now our income is 40 percent and no one cares. 

Tony Capricio

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