Inaugural women’s symposium

A crowd of about 100 people turned out for the inaugural Womens’ Symposium held Aug. 16 at the Heartwood Center in Sandpoint.

The event was billed as an evening to “learn the history and ongoing threats to women’s rights,” in Idaho. Keynote speakers included Josi Christensen (speaking in the above photo) with the National Organization of Women; Jen Jackson Quintano with the Pro-Voice Project and Idaho congressional candidate Kaylee Peterson.

“The Idaho Legislature has taken away our reproductive rights, opposes our access to health care, votes down affordable child-care, rejects parental leave policies and more,” wrote organizers, who added that the event would bring experts and political leaders together to “discuss the harmful anti-woman policies that have already been enacted, new threats on the horizon, and ways that regular men and women can fight back and work to restore our rights.”

— Photo and words by Ben Olson.

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