Idaho Capital Sun is newest media outlet focused on state politics

By Reader Staff

At a time when news media around the country is shrinking — more than 60 newsrooms went dark around the country in 2020, according to TIME magazine — the Gem State is actually adding more vital coverage of its chief city of Boise with the Idaho Capital Sun, which describes itself as “an independent, nonprofit online news organization delivering in-depth coverage from veteran Idaho reporters on state government and policy.” 

Launched on March 31, the news site has already covered a number of important Idaho issues, ranging from housing prices to education, school sports and — of course — the Idaho Legislature, which reconvened April 6 after a recess promapted by a wave of coronavirus infections among lawmakers.

Helmed by former Idaho Statesman Editor Christina Lords, the Sun is affiliated with the national nonprofit States Newsroom, which operates in 22 states funded by tax-free donations. 

According to a news release announcing the launch of the news site, “Readers can access its free content online with no ads, paywalls or monthly subscriptions. Any other news outlets across Idaho can pick up the Idaho Capital Sun’s statewide coverage, with proper credit, for free.” 

The Sun also includes a stable of well-respected reporters in southern Idaho: Audrey Dutton serves as senior reporter, with more than 10 years at the Idaho Statesman. Her specialties include health care, business, consumer protection issues and white collar crime.

Reporter Clark Corbin is also a veteran Idaho journalist, with more than 10 years covering Idaho government and politics. Finally, Reporter Kelcie Moseley-Morris is an award-winning journalist who has covered many topics across Idaho since 2011, though her specialty is in reporting complex subjects related to fiscal policy.

“Idaho’s identity is at a critical crossroads as explosive population growth has led to tough decisions — and inaction — from state and local policymakers,” according to a news release. “Issues like affordable housing, crowded classrooms, health care (including mental health care), low wages, public lands access, voter rights and property tax increases are just some of the topics on all of our minds.

“That’s why we need more accountability and investigative reporting in Idaho — not less.”

According to Lords, “We’re looking forward to establishing ourselves with reporting based on data, context and analysis as Idaho continues to navigate this pivotal time in our history. … As newsrooms across the country continue to shrink and the journalism industry grapples with broken advertising models, we’re excited to provide another path for readers. We hope to become a trusted, in-depth news source on the issues that matter most to Idahoans — old timers and newcomers alike.”

The Sun’s free email newsletter, The Sunrise, will provide a roundup of the day’s top news and commentary. Readers can sign up for the newsletter at Follow at Twitter: or Facebook:

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