Global CBD opens Idaho’s first hemp CBD location

By Reader Staff

Last week, Global CBD opened the first Idaho-based wholesale and online retailing company of agricultural hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The shop is located at 205 N. 1st Ave. in Sandpoint.

Co-owners Joel Bordeaux and Kelsey Kilmartin have been researching CBD products for over two years. All of Global CBD’s products—including tinctures, drinks, vapor and lotions—are made with 99 percent pure CBD with no THC. The products are derived from stalks and stems of agricultural hemp from Europe and are legal in Idaho because they don’t contain THC.

“Our customers share that they experience many of the benefits known in cannabis CBD products,” the pair wrote in a press release. “Feeling of less stress and anxiety, better sleep, less pain and many other conditions.

Products range from $30 for vapor, $45 for tinctures and $130 for Pure Relief Ultra Nano.

Global CBD has also released a pet line of products varying from $48-$100.

Contact Global CBD for more information:, 855.733.7223, or drop by their location at 205 N. 1st Ave. in Sandpoint.

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