From Sandpoint to Northern Ireland

Maya Goldblum showcases new album with local shows

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

It’s a long way to Northern Ireland from the Panhandle, but Maya Goldblum hasn’t forgotten her roots.

Maya Goldblum plays live in Ireland. Courtesy photo.

The Sandpoint-born singer songwriter is playing a series of local shows next week to promote her new album, “Light Shadow Boom Boom,” which will release in November, 2018.

Goldblum will play the 219 Lounge Friday, Sept. 21, from 6-9 p.m., Eichardt’s Pub Sept. 22 from 7-10 p.m. and Idaho Pour Authority Friday, Sept. 28, from 5-7 p.m. All shows are free to attend.

Goldblum, a regular collaborator with her trumpeter father Arthur Goldblum of Sandpoint jazz band Bright Moments, released a single from the forthcoming album called “Honey” in mid-August. 

Blending genres of jazz, folk, soul and Americana, Goldblum herself defines the newly released single as “alternative/neo soul.”

“Honey is an analogy for music,” she said. “That’s why I want to visually represent that by being drenched, swimming, consumed by it.”

Indeed, upon watching the official music video Goldblum posted to YouTube of her being absolutely covered in honey, it’s easy to see the reference.

The single is one of 10 original songs Goldblum will feature on “Light Shadow Boom Boom,” all of them intensely personal tracks that explore the different angles of depression and intertwine perspectives of what it takes to accept all sides of oneself.

“Music is a therapy that helps teach me to accept the hardness of being human and in turn allows me to share my sound with the world,” Goldblum said.

The title refers to the heavens above (light), the earth below (dark), and the human heartbeat in between.

“When I was thinking of names for the album this phrase immediately came to me, since my surge into music started at the tail end of my first depression and has turned out to be my biggest therapy and teacher,” she said.

A still frame from Goldblum’s new single, “Honey.” Courtesy YouTube.

While she counts Sandpoint as her roots, 22-year-old Goldblum has been living and playing music in Derry, Northern Ireland the past two years, after taking a year away from University of Asheville North Carolina to study abroad. She just completed her music degree course at Ulster Magee University in Derry/Londonderry.

“I came here to sing and develop my music and experience another culture,” she said. “The people and experiences I’ve had here have hugely impacted and influenced personal vision that runs through the songs.”

While in Derry, Goldblum hooked up with ten of Northern Ireland’s most talented up-and-coming musicians to create her debut album, including bassist Jack Kelly and drummer Darryl Martin, who co-produced the album.

Watch Goldblum’s video for “Honey” on YouTube and catch her at one of three upcoming shows in Sandpoint. Goldblum also will play a couple of house concerts and encouraged those interested in attending to contact her at c[email protected], especially if they would like to host a show.

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