Dover wastewater system stressed with runoff

Residents advised to take steps to decrease treatment demands

By Reader Staff

The city of Dover shared a notice Jan. 5 advising residents that its wastewater treatment is currently seeing increased flows, and therefore steps should be taken to reduce stress on the system.

According to city officials, the flow increase is due to rain and snowmelt entering the wastewater system through drains and pipes. The system then fully treats that runoff, and the resulting demands could cause problems for all Dover sewer uses.

“Our wastewater treatment plant and operators have been recognized as one of the finest in the state and overall plant performance is very good,” according to the city. “However, the excess flow stresses the plant and consumes capacity which won’t be available for future users.”

Officials warn that treating stormwater decreases capacity intended for homeowners “which means higher costs for everyone.” With this in mind, residents are being advised to take the following steps:

• Conserve house water;

• If you have a septic tank, make sure that the septic lid is tightly fastened to avoid water entering the tank;

• Don’t drain sump pumps into the city system;

• Don’t divert stormwater and/or groundwater into sewer drains or septic tanks.

It is a violation of Dover City Code to discharge groundwater or stormwater into the sewer system. This includes draining roof runoff into the city system or connecting a sump pump to the city system.

If you currently have one of these connections, contact Dover City Hall at 208-265-8339 to discuss a resolution with the intention of working together to protect the wastewater system and avoid any enforcement action.

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