City underscores beach rules before Fourth of July

By Reader Staff

Ahead of the long Fourth of July weekend, the city of Sandpoint issued a reminder about the do’s and don’ts at City Beach, as well as provided more info on parking.

Access to the beach by vehicles will be limited starting at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 4, with overflow parking available at the city parking lot, located at the intersection of Church Street and Third Avenue.

In addition, no dogs or glass containers are allowed at the beach, and prohibited activities include drinking any kind of intoxicating beverage; shooting off any variety of fireworks, including non-aerial fireworks such as pop-its, sparklers, firecrackers and others; overnight camping; and feeding the birds, including waterfowl. 

Parking will be strictly enforced, according to the city, underscoring that vehicles must park in designated stalls — between the lines — which limits oversized vehicles such as motorhomes. Single vehicles parked in designated trailer parking will be ticketed.

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