Church to host Peace Market

By McCalee Cain
Reader Intern

The First Presbyterian Church is slated to host a performance from an world relief youth choir for a special event focused on community engagement and education.

The church has various projects in the works right now. They are creating a community peace garden in the adjacent yard, featuring a gazebo and labyrinth being built with help from the Rotary Club. They will additionally welcome the community in for a Peace Market on Saturday, Aug. 12. The concert will take place on Sunday, Aug. 13, after a sermon from Reverend Nancy Goodwin.

Church Renewal Committee member Lynn Pietz explained that the event has been long in the making. “A member of the committee suggested the group, and it sounded wonderful,” Pietz said. “We’ve been in touch since early summer, or maybe even May.”

Throughout the planning of the event, Pietz has connected with and coordinated with the choir.

“We’ve reached out to the community, and there are going to be a variety of booths offering various things like crafts and antiques, to name a few,” she said.

Proceeds from the Peace Market will help with the building of the Peace Garden.

The African refugee youth choir will not only share music, but also some stories. The event serves to educate about the refugee experience, through the eyes of young people.

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