Bleacher project marks milestone

By Cort Gifford
Reader Contributor

There were no cheering crowds, scent of hot dogs, or brass bands to stir the hearts of the faithful, but after weeks of seeming inactivity at the construction site for the new bleachers at War Memorial Field, a major milestone occurred this week. The steel girders which will form the uprights and cross beams were delivered to the job site.

Steel is delivered at the Memorial Field job site on Monday. Photo by Cort Gifford.

Steel is delivered at the Memorial Field job site on Monday. Photo by Cort Gifford.

Now that the foundation is ready, the next task will be to erect the superstructure. Heavy weather-proof blankets were draped over the walls and heated to cure the concrete.

“Once we get the uprights, the roof finished, and the walls framed, we can wrap everything in plastic and start working on the inside,” said project supervisor Gannon Reynolds.

Reynolds guesses this next phase will begin in March, leaving less than 90 days for Northcon, Inc. to fulfill its contract requirement that the bleachers be ready in time for graduation ceremonies.

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